Steel Shafts

We have gained huge expertise and specialization in manufacturing and export of shafts for varied industrial requirements, which include industrial engineering, automobiles and general mechanical engineering needs. These steel shafts can be customized to suit specific needs can be forged in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. We supply variety of forged steel shafts, industrial shafts, turbine blade shaft, pump shaft, turbine rotor shaft and stainless steel hollow forgings.

We offer specific shafts that are used in various applications. Some of the common types of shafts are rotary shafts, precision shafting, linear shafts, shaft collars, flexible shafts. Some of the dimensional details are:

» Maximum outer dimension - 50 to 1000 mm
» Maximum length - 8000 mm
» Maximum forged weight - 10,000 Kg


» Hot Rolling Mills
» Cold Rolling Mills
» Sugar Plants
» Sponge Iron Plants
» Flour Mills

» Copper Rolling Mills
» Aluminium Rolling Mills
» Conveyor Rollers
» Rubber Mills
» Plate Rolling Mill

We make available carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel shafts of quality finishing and fine polishing.

Shaft for Sugar Mill
Turbine Shaft
Shaft for Heavy Engineering
Shaft for Mining Industry
Flange Shaft for Paper Mill